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Monday, 29 July 2013

Well, Crap.

If you have an issue with reading about anything gross, then turn around now because this is pretty icky... but this just shows what a day with a toddler can be like when things get completely out of hand.  If poo doesn't bother you, then stick around because this made my husband and my sister hysterical.

Earlier, I had a really upset stomach so I had to spend some quality time on the toilet.  Those of us with small children know that there is no such thing as privacy and that pooping alone is a luxury.  So there's my kid, playing and not letting me use the bathroom in peace and he decided to play with the doorknob.  He managed to lock it and then get himself locked out of the bathroom.  He stood there pounding at the door for a short time and was upset that I couldn't get up to let him in.  "That will teach him to mess with the lock, right?"  NO.  Suddenly I heard the front door open.  My husband didn't deadbolt the door on his way out to work.  Alister has recently discovered the front yard but we aren't letting him go out unattended yet because there is no fence and he could very easily run into the street (he tried once when I had my back turned for a minute to water a plant).
Anyway, I hear him open the front door and suddenly I'm forced to run after him, pants around my ankles and all.  I was not yet ready to pull up my pants.  There he was, running toward the street (in the nude) while I chased after him...  not quite done with my business.

I dragged him back inside, took a long shower and then burned my clothes.

The end.

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