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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fear of Commitment. Also, Why Am I Here?

I have made several failed blogging attempts in the past and have yet to stay inspired to grab one by the balls and just go with it.  I can never decide what I can write about that really interests other people so this one is written out of shameless self-indulgence.  You may not find me interesting but I am SO AMUSING!!!  My therapist thinks so anyway.

I have a three year old son and I stay home with him... all the live-long day.  I hope that writing will become a good escape from Mom Time because my vodka habit is becoming rather expensive....  I'm just kidding, I prefer gin and tonics.

My weekly child-free outing is to my dance class.  I've been taking Rock and Roll Cabaret for nearly 2 years now.  I was really shy about it at first but now I think I'm on my way to being an 80's video vixen.  I just need a car so I can roll around on the hood.

I'm finding the progression into adulthood to be very difficult (I'm 35).  I have My Little Ponies.  I color in coloring books.  I watch cartoons more than I watch normal tv.  My best friends are the characters from the Super Mario games.  But... you know, I'm 35 so I have to find a way to enjoy all of those things and stay in my childhood but still be somewhat responsible and feed my kid, do my laundry and keep to my "wifely duties".

Are you still with me?  Good!  That was a little easier than I'd anticipated.  I probably should go lay down now though because all this thinking isn't good for me.

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