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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

My 3 year old has been throwing the f-bomb around lately.  We recently went to our favorite coffee shop where he sat down at one of the tables, looked at a couple at another table and said, "What the f@&k?"  I cringed but didn't say anything.  I am trying not to react if he says any bad words because I know he doesn't understand what they mean and I'm afraid if I draw attention to it, he will continue saying them over and over just to get a reaction.  He also has learned to say "son of a bitch" when someone loses at a video game.  He learned that one from his dad but pretty sure the f-bomb was from me.  It's really hard to stop swearing.

Also, I learned that there are things I say that he can take completely out of context so it is downright weird when he says them.  I had to tell my husband to pick up my birth control pills before he went to work the other day.  When he returned with the pills, Alister grabbed the newspaper and put it in his "lunchbox" (it doubles as a purse depending on his mood) and said "ok, I've got my birth control and my newspaper.  I'm going to work now."

At least he was prepared for his day.

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